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Friday, August 30, 2019

MY trip in Egypt

They said do not meet stranger, and do not trust anyone. Infact I'm not a simple person who can trusted everyone, but I had great experinced in my career and had been travelled many countries. Not just as a tourist. Sometimes I do travel with closed friends or alone. In general is about my company and my designs for the future. After so many years taking cared a company, it is time that I decided to changed my business plan. Firstly has to upgrade a new website, and logo design has to be remained unchanged. History and culture values never changed at all, only we had changed our character to be better not worst. I had met some people in facebook, and sharing my experinced with them. For those who had never travel to Overseas in general they just heard from other people. In life seeing is believing, and keep to yourself respect others. It is not easy in an arab country where dressing code is limited, and I am not a classic minded person. I am more in modern style dressing code. My 7 times in egypt and second time in this city Tanta. In the city there are people who can understand english, but most of the time they spoken in arabic language. Maybe this city not many tourists, and if you see me you think I am from china. No, I am not from china. I lived in Singapore, Indonesia, China and France. Depending where I am posted, but I loved France because it is one of the capital city for fashion line. Anyway I am glad he can speak english, as I am unable to understand arabic, only few sentences is not enought to satisfied you. I am so used to it having meeting with men. Since he can do some website design, why not give him a try. I want to thanks you alot for showing me the city Tanta, and tasting some of the stuff that not same from my country. The weather is pretty hot, but spending time over here for some good conversations is fantastic. The air is fresh and I had enjoyed some of the foods and drink, but coffee is very important to me. A good cup of coffee can makes thing better. Out of the bad mood, stayed away from the mosquitoes. Your generousity is great, and your kindness is your character. The soft voice like the french romance, and make me feel comfortable talking to you. I am well taken cared by you, although a short time but that is very important. As a respect to you and your family, I will not forget what I had received and I will returned you a good stuff that you will enjoyed with your friends. Have a good time reading this article, and see you again.

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  1. Thanks so much and really words not enough to tell you what is inside me to you
    Hope i see you again ❤️❤️