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Monday, April 13, 2020

Little Flower #PetiteFleur

The Times passed away, the wind blowing so strong.
 I walked a thousand miles, sun or rain I keep walking till I earned some money.
I don't stared at everyone, I cared my 2 basket of glown peaches.
In the city so many people, I sold to them. 
Keep walking, I saw flowers on the field, I don't step on it. I talk to the flowers, you are so beautiful just like my wife. I plug few of it, bring back home, and give to my wife. She asked nothing from me, not even complained when I arrived home late. She place the table filled with a bowl of rice, and 2 pieces of meats with few vegetables. 1 cup of chinese tea. She said..take your time to eat, don't talk when you are eating. I asked myself what will I give her. 
The story about Golden Peaches is real lifestyle about a china man carried his 2 basket of golden peaches, selling to everyone which is happened in Peking city.
Design is created by MargaretYickDesign

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